Cage Match: Koha Library System vs Athenaeum

Cage Match: Koha Library System vs Athenaeum If you are shopping around for a new library software, you may have come across Koha and Athenaeum in your web searches. I hope you will find this article helpful as you compare the two and try to make a decision. Despite...

7 Reasons Why You Need an Integrated Library Management System

Running a library isn’t as simple and straightforward as many people I have encountered think. It’s more than just checking out books and putting them back on the shelf when they are returned. Librarians have to deal other complex, time-consuming responsibilities like acquisitions, cataloguing, inventory, budgets, reports and interlibrary loaning. Pen and paper won’t cut it, and using an excel spreadsheet is only marginally better than digging a trench using a caviar spoon.