An Enterprise-Class Library Management System

Built for libraries, by librarians. And that’s no cliché – Koha is the product of thousands of professional librarians and software developers from around the world coming together to make the world’s best open-source library software.

Koha is the first and most widely implemented open-source ILS

Open. The most popular open-source library software in the world, Koha has grown from an ambitious project first developed in 1999 to become a mainstay in tens of thousands of libraries. Unlike proprietory systems, you don’t have to worry about vendor lock-in or limitations on the number of modules to which you have access. With Koha, you get everything you need and more.

Giving. Koha offers you an affordable, yet high quality, alternative to commercial library systems while surpassing them in features, development, code-maturity, and professional and community support. The name originates from the Māori word “koha” which means a gift that is meant to be reciprocated. It embodies the core philosophy of the Koha project – an open-source library management software that is designed and developed by a truly global community. Thousands librarians and software developers come together everyday to share their knowledge and expertise with only one goal in mind – to help your library thrive.

Community. Koha has a large, active development team which produces monthly maintenance releases (security and bug patches) and bi-annual (every 6 months) feature releases. This makes Koha a secure software that is in-step with modern advances in technology. This ensures you will always have the latest and best features to help you manage your library. Get in touch for a free consultation today.