Ensure your system is correctly set up and ready for use. This guide will guide you through the steps to perform these checks.

  • Log into your Koha instance.
    Koha library system login
  • Navigate to the “About” page.
    alt text.
  • You will see crucial information about your Koha instance, dependencies, and configurations. This information is useful for troubleshooting and verifying that your system is up to date. Resolve any warnings or errors displayed on this page. If you encounter issues related to server information or Perl modules, refer to the Koha documentation or contact KohaSupport for assistance.
  • The “Server information” section provides details about your server environment, including the operating system, Perl version, database information, and other software dependencies.
    alt text
  • The “Perl modules” section lists the Perl modules required for Koha to function correctly. Ensure that all required modules are installed and up to date. Note: Sometimes, a module may be listed as missing or outdated when you initially log in. Wait a few moments and refresh the page to see if the status changes.
    alt text
  • The “System preferences” section displays the current system preferences set up during the installation process. You might see some warnings about missing or incorrect system preferences. Review and update these preferences by going to the “System preferences” page in the Koha administration interface. alt text alt text alt text